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Abhimanyu Sharma
2 min readJun 6, 2022
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Getting more Wealth is not the answer.

The Wealth you have can help you up to a certain point. After that, how much money you get will not matter.

Once your survival is ensured, you should move on to higher things in life like spirituality and helping others. That is the only way to satisfy your soul.

On Overthinking

One thing that has helped me keep my mind calm is writing everything down in life. Not necessarily a fancy application from the app store. A piece of paper can do the work for you. The only point here is not to resist and judge thoughts coming to your mind.

How it has helped me, writing everything down makes my mind clear to focus on other things. That happens because I know whatever I have written down will get completed sooner or later; I will not forget it. That gives me space to think about more things. I do the same for ideas, things to do, and reminders.

Thoughtful Quotes

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