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Abhimanyu Sharma
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My weekly summary of ideas…

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The Trajectory of Life

I believe a few things decide what your life is going to be. If you can, tell me what you ate, which type of content you consumed, and what your habits are.

Anyone can predict not a 100 percent but a near decent path; they can map out how the person's life will be.

I shifted to Delhi recently, and I have been consuming outside food for a long time, and then my body responded severely. I was not feeling well for about a week, and that was enough to wake my mind that it was time to think about how I would live my life.

Similarly, if you consume too much social media and drama serials, basically what we consume, we become us.

What we eat doesn't becomes part of us. Becomes us. We are the product of what we have been eating till today.

It's essential to think of it as a long-term game. You want to play till the end but enjoy the little joys of life too. Excess to everything will cause pain and sorrow.

If you think eating healthy food once a week or twice will balance the junk food eaten daily, think again.

What Makes a Hero

what made harry potter, Avengers, and Batman, a hero? What was shared between all of these movies?

The villain was something compelling that made harry go through a long process of learning and improving his skills so he could finally match the talent of Lord Voldemort.

This pattern is typical in all the movies. Thanos had not been this powerful, and the film wouldn't be interesting.

Now think about your life; all the problems you have dealt with and overcame made you stronger.

The problems and resistance are villains in our life. Keep us from reaching our full potential.

They make us improve our skills and learn.

So next time you face any problem, think of it as an opportunity to improve your game.

Productivity Tip of the Week

Intentionally staying away from social media, saves a lot of time.

Thoughtful Quotes

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