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Abhimanyu Sharma
3 min readSep 12, 2022


My weekly summary of ideas…

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Fix Your Sleep Schedule

If someone asked me for one solution to all my problems, like low energy, fatigue, headache, eye pain, and so many others, my answer would be sleep.

Sometimes I am not feeling good or am unable to focus on the task at hand. A quick power nap fixes it all. Our bodies are made for survival, not for sitting behind the laptop for hours and updating excel files.

They are essential for you to have bread on your plate, but in addition to that, you should have something that rules all your problems.

The day following my sleepless night is the worst hit. I am feeling sleepy all day, and there is no task I can do with all my focus.

I have found sleep a critical key that can open the doors for all the other things in life my health, work, and creativity.

I would encourage you to find your crucial habit and work on it. Mine is sleep, so I am working on fixing my sleep and waking up schedule.

Give a compliment

I have often complained about things not being in order or sound quality.

But what do we do when they are of good quality or beyond your expectations?

When was the last time you appreciated yourself or the other person for doing a great job? The answer would be a long time back or never.

I was an on-site visit for work, and while staying in a hotel, I came across a tasty dish with all the spices added to perfection. I was delighted and conveyed my message to the chef.

Maybe this was a momentary thing for me without much thought. But it would have meant a lot to the person doing the job.

I would encourage you to appreciate someone in work or personal life, both are also fine but from the heart the thing you liked or made a difference in your life too.

Productivity Tip of the Week

“Making a tough decision might take thirty seconds when you are fresh and be impossible when you’re not.”

(David Rock, Your Brain at Work)

Thoughtful Quotes

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