200 Days of Morning Pages: My Journey and Tips

Abhimanyu Sharma
3 min readJun 13, 2024


It’s been 200 days since I started the Morning Pages practice, inspired by the book The Artist’s Way. The book suggests writing three full pages — about 750 to 1,000 words — every day to unlock creativity and self-discovery. While this seemed daunting, I decided to adjust the goal to 250 words a day, which felt more manageable. Despite occasional missed days, I consistently completed my Morning Pages over the past 200 days, which I consider a significant achievement. Here are two crucial tools that helped me succeed.

Tools That Helped Me Succeed

1. Dedicated App

One key to maintaining my 200-day streak was using a dedicated app. Unlike physical paper or a diary, an app ensures privacy, allowing me to be completely honest without fear of someone else reading my thoughts. After exploring various options, I found an app specifically designed for Morning Pages that helped me track my word count and maintain privacy. This dedicated space for writing made it easier to stick to my daily routine. The Morning Pages app is the best thing that I have tried and its available cross platform I would really suggest giving it a try and feel the change.

2. Text-to-Speech Technology

Another game-changer was text-to-speech technology. Often, our thoughts race faster than we can type or write by hand. Using text-to-speech allowed me to articulate my thoughts seamlessly and maintain a stream of consciousness. This method made it possible to capture my thoughts quickly and accurately. Over 95% of my Morning Pages entries were created using text-to-speech, making the process feel more like a natural conversation and less like a chore. I also use this technology in other journaling apps like Day One, which further simplifies the process of recording my thoughts.

The Impact of Morning Pages

Overall, starting the Morning Pages habit has been transformative. It provides a space to converse with myself, gain expert advice from within, and find solutions to problems. This practice has offered new perspectives and solutions that I might not have considered otherwise.

For anyone considering starting Morning Pages, I recommend trying it for just a few days with a low word count goal — maybe 50 or 100 words. My goal of 250 words was a perfect balance, and I haven’t felt the need to adjust it, even after 200 days.

Morning Pages has been a blessing, and I encourage everyone to give it a try. You might be surprised at the insights and clarity you gain from this simple, yet powerful, daily practice.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Anastasia Gorban, Founder of Morning Pages, for giving me the opportunity to embark on this transformative journey. Your support, especially in helping with the finances for the Morning Pages app, has been instrumental in maintaining my daily writing practice. Thank you for creating such a valuable tool that has greatly enhanced my creativity and self-discovery.