30 Days Challenge Fixing Sleep Schedule

Abhimanyu Sharma
3 min readNov 30, 2020


Why I Need This?

For most part of this year, there had been alot of uncertainty I felt stuck at most places, and time went like, you are in river and can’t resist the water, taking you everywhere.

I have seen many things this year from a well-planned life to a scattered one. Where I don’t have any clue, Where I am going, and Where I want to go. What’s in my control and what’s not. Every seems a blur.

The November month had been a kind of most unproductive month I had with awareness. Previous months I was not carefully measuring my habits and setting goals regarding them. But last month I decided I would start a writing track of my habits as well in app (Habitify) that way the habits will be visually in front of me when I sit to work.

This month I did very little of everything, few days of exercise and a lot of entertainment. Starting from the mid of this month, I have read certain pages every day that’s the good part. But one thing I had been stuck on since the beginning of this year is sleep schedule I seriously can’t track time when to sleep and awake. That’s the main reason I Am doing this challenge to create a routine for me.

What Problem It Will Fix?

It will fix my sleep schedule and everything else will fall in place that’s the goal. For this I have to make certain guidelines and rules. Guidelines will be direction along the path and rules will be the path I will walk on. Different rules and guidelines for morning and night routine.

I will keep you updated through this blog about how my day is going and how my night went when I slept. I will record everything in this blog with the days, and I will list here any changes I want to make along my way. I Am posting this challenge with the intension if you also want to change and join with me on this challenge you are most welcome. Details are at the end of the blog.

What are the Rules and Guidelines?

(any changes in above schedule will be highlighted with the bold and italic font)

Morning Routine

Productive Time

  • Staring my day with the glass of lukewarm water at 700hrs ,
  • Fresh up, starting with the exercise on the mattress (placed in position before the night)
  • Meditation on mattress
  • Journal
  • Affirmations
  • Reading

Buffer Time

  • Relax with no screens
  • Music or nature walk

Guidelines or Observations for morning schedule (Any guidelines or Observation that come up will-be written below)

Night Routine

  • I have the night routine starting at 2130hrs, but I will shift it to 1900hrs.

Starting 1900hrs.

  • Schedule the work for tomorrow
  • Habits check on habitify.
  • 3 intensions for tomorrow (my three most important tasks )
  • 1 highlight for tomorrow (out of these three, my most important task).

Starting from 2130hrs

  • Brush and floss
  • Journal review
  • Review schedule for tomorrow
  • Place the mattress for morning exercise

Starting from 2200hrs

  • I Am starting offline mode for the social media on laptop, phone and internet.
  • Calling my partner and then some light reading, following with sleep.
  • Off to sleep by 11 or reading 10 pages, whichever comes first.

Guidelines or Observations for night schedule (Any guidelines or Observation that come up will-be written below)

Daily update….


Take the first step towards the change. If you want to be part of this change, you can join me on slack Invitation link is here.

By @BalanceAlchemist

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