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7 min readOct 20, 2020


Schools have taught us everything from how to behave to how to live, but it failed on one thing that it was there for.

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How to learn? We do nothing to change the same old system that was there thousands of years ago. There is a minimum application to the ideas we learn in school, and there are many things that are very unnecessary. Why a child wants to remember who was fighting with whom and who won.

Everything that has happened is our failure in spreading the message of humanity when you are ready to kill the other person in the name of religion, country, or person then we need to introspect where we have gone wrong and what have we done to get this much hateful society.

I read early in life that it takes 10000 hours roughly 5 years to learn something, but I was wrong. Recently I saw one Ted talk where a person gives a presentation on how you need 20 dedicated hours to learn something, not that tough as you see it.

The problem is we don’t know how to learn new skills, we only know how to crack exams and score good marks.

Here are the 5 things that we should have designed schools for instead of stuffing mindless things that we won’t be using in our actual life.

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This one activity can make a lot of difference in how you live life and manage your personal stuff. We all get some money from home, it can be very little or a decent sum. We take it and spend it. Not knowing what to do with the money can get you into an enormous debt. The average debt of the student is much higher in the USA than in any other country. That desperate need to get out of the debt makes a hub of so many companies. People try something new and some succeed and some not, but they try.

What I Do:

Every day since 2017, I have written my spending for the day. For a year I did this then I bought the money lover application is on all the platforms and after that, I have tracked whatever I have purchased or got money from. It has helped me be more aware of where I spend my money and if need to save for anything that I wish to buy I can do that as well or prepare a budget for the future days. The bottom line is to take the traditional technique or start with the application of your choice, but be mindful of where you spend even the slightest of the money. This is the first step towards financial freedom, don’t worry about the millions of dollars that have to come for now learn to manage what you have.

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We all have the same number of hours in a day and how we use them decides on how we interact with life. There is little time and so much to do every day, and the most important things often be on the mercy of non-important things. Be very mindful and preserve it like you would preserve gold or money and spend it carefully to not to fall either into the infinity loops of social media or doing the mindless work. Life is much more than anyone thinks. The success, good time and bad times come and go don’t let them define who you are don’t let anyone make you do that you don’t want to do.
Life is short — if it is, then moving quickly matters. Take a chance to be thoughtful, but get moving.

What I Do:

If you have not tried Pomodoro technique, you are missing on something that you make the resistance go away. I start the Pomodoro in my Tick Tick app and then most of the time I forget that I have started something until it gives a notification for the short break then I have a choice to take a break or continue most of the time I continue with my work and after three pomo I get up and move then again start if I have to. I track my time in Toggle for many weeks, then I switched to rescue time and now I know where I have spent time in my days and night. There are many under the water things too, like Freedom session in the night that turns off all my social media on my phone and laptop. Closing everything before sleep and cleaning the desk to let my mind know it’s over for today. I use social media on one device that is my phone, the laptop I have kept only for work, and most of the time I am on the laptop so that makes sense too.

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If someone asks you do you know yourself like the way you know your parents or partners, you should be able to tell them. Social media doesn’t connect us with ourselves. We have been chasing truth like a fish chasing water, not realizing water surrounds her. Keeping your attention only to the task at hand is a key to productivity. If you are not eating, walking, experiencing happiness, pain, sadness and million other things that happen to human beings you are wasting this life.

What I Do:

I keep my phone aside for the eating time and medication helps me a lot; I have been meditating since childhood. In our school, there was a dedicated time before the periods start, and in the afternoon before leaving we all had to meditate for 10 minutes and it was the most I had meditated without breaking a streak. Back then it made little sense, and I have abused them for carrying this useless practice but many years later now I can see the difference in my thought and when I realized this that meditation no matter how small you do helps you and makes you see inside you. My app of choice is Headspace for meditation.

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This world can teach you how to be more productive and get more done. But they can’t recognize and teach us how to manage what you already have on your plate and not feel any anxiety about the things.

What I Do-

Meditation and spending time with family, making a to-do list the day before and writing what goes to my mind. Blocking the door for news and a million other things. I will recommend Headspace for the stress part in your life it will be the best decision and subscription you ever have got. For the million thoughts buy a small notebook or dairy and write everything down that comes to mind and in the end of day go though the stuff keep somewhere what seems helpful.

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I thought I don’t have time to learn; I have packed my entire day with work editing, publishing, finding new ideas, managing my job and hundreds of other things that want to grab my attention. But then I started seeing it the other way, where I can fill in the small packets of learning times. Trust me, if you are not using the small packets of time, you are missing a vast amount of time that goes in vain without us being able to use it. Also, schedule the learning time and make learning each day absolute necessary I use don't break the streak method.

  1. The commute time
  2. Watching TV time
  3. Tea time
  4. Breaks in between the work
  5. Eating time

The learning doesn't have to do with your phone while eating, you can see your behaviour and your relationship with food. There is so much to learn if we really want it to. Cramming doesn’t work in actual life.

What I do-

My goal or focus for this month is learning piano and brush up my skills in writing so I have scheduled time after my dinner from 2100hrs to 2200 hrs for learning and after that I talk with my partner and then head to sleep.

For most part of this pandemic I have procrastinated the learning habit, but now I am very serious about it and be too if you want to survive in the world you have to take small steps. Some days I can give 5 minutes only, but showing up is more important than making no progress.

I use Udemy for all my learning the best thing is I get to keep the course forever so if I can learn at my pace and can visit the course after I have completed it.

life doesn't post the same question to you again, there are always some changes to it.