Abhimanyu Sharma
2 min readSep 16, 2022

A Speck of Life

We zoom into our life and see all the problems.

But other people seems happy to us. It’s because we see them from a distance.

If we see our life from distance we would feel the same. Very little problems and enjoying life but that’s not it we all know that.

Life is very complicated or we like to keep it so.

If we can zoom out of our life we can see how small the problems are.

We are going to die one day and all problems will die with us.

I don’t know why people waste their time in discussing problems when they should be discussing solutions.

A problem oriented mind cam never give you any solution.

Fo you to see a solution you need to get out what the mind already knows.

In the whole universe we are not even a dot.

No one will feel the change except maximum of 5 people when we are gone.

But we are connected with nature what happens there definitely affects us.

We all plants, animals and humans are children of nature.

We humans can think and change the course of our life. Others have to follow what rules nature has set.

What tree and animals think of their problems don’t they have any?

There must be but when you don’t have brain to see everything rationally you can’t create problems for yourself.

The starting and ending to all our suffering is our thinking.

If you can change your prospective you can change the life.

Life can be lived without fear, work-hard and suffering but these are only for the basic survival, when it’s ensured get out of the mind and seek thoughts that elevate you.