Be Your Own Teacher and Disciple

Abhimanyu Sharma
3 min readApr 15, 2020


You can hire a coach, but you have to wake yourself up he can’t do it for you; he can go with you on the journey. But you must have the will to learn and do things he can’t spoon feed you. The amount of time we are spending on ourselves will get you results.

If you want to be a musician, you need a tool; without foundation, there is no building. Getting a new instrument would be the first step, but keeping the passion alive is the key.

I don’t know where this idea came to my mind. I must have got it from a book or some article. You have to invest time and money on yourself, then only you would improve your craft and skills.

Else you will always be on the starting point, not move anywhere. Writing every day, and courses from online platforms have improved my skills for a better.

But I have not noted down the lessons like real classes. I have passively taken the information, I have to make a conscious effort and be an active participant.

But anyway its better than not working on skill at all. For being better at anything, you have to take action on your basics.

The boat has to be free from holes before entering into the ocean; either the journey will end on the shore. The thing closest to that for writing is to write, and for music is playing instruments, the more you do, the more it adds up and makes you a better Learner.

Creativity is not a one-day thing; it can take more than a year or many years to get better at something. Most people can’t write even the worst draft the first time. It’s okay not to write if you could write the perfect draft the first time what’s fun in it.

The writing process starts after you have written your first draft, and then you go back and see where you made the mistakes to sharpen your skill. It’s like using a pencil you can’t sharpen it once and write forever you have to come back.

If you have taught someone in childhood, you may have noticed when we teach them; we wake our master within. Teach them the blueprint of life things to do and not to do, we often forget ourselves.

We make them do their homework; we want results. We behave with them like our teachers behave with us.

But we forget everything when it’s our turn; we depend on the external things. If this happens, then I’ll have me do the craft, I always wanted to publish or I’ll start living my life once I get there. We never get anywhere, we move in a loop from one thing to another.

We all have fallen into that pit, and good things take time great things can take even more time, but they last. If you have made enough effort to improve your skill, then it will be evident in your craft. If the growth mindset seed is planted into your mind, it will get all your attention and do your search for more.

Be a good version of yourself to make up for the years and time you have wasted on. Change the direction of sail to the wind, and you will always keep moving.

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.
-Jim Rohn

By @BalanceAlchemist

Photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash

Originally published at on April 15, 2020.