Don’t Raise Your Children As You Raise Your Pets

Abhimanyu Sharma
5 min readJul 31, 2020


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First, we need to answer is it true that we treat them the same? We give them a reward when they are up to our expectations, and when not, we punish them. We tell them if they do this, they will get a reward. We spend time with them and have them because we feel unfulfilled in our lives.

Having a baby can get you busy life for your lifetime if you are not aware before, you won’t have time to be aware after. Children are the purest of souls; they don’t know the right or wrong; they only know how to live in the now. But nowadays children are also worried about the likes they will get, the exams or the million other things I didn’t had to worry about in my childhood.

The thing is you expect less form a dog and more from a child. Apart from that, everything is the same from the way you raise them to the way you protect them from the street dogs.

The child doesn’t know where he is born or what he is born into. The religion and ideologies we created; the creator didn’t interfere with that, but we indeed did in his name.

Think about it, what if after birth we had a choice and had to choose what religion or shop we want to be in.

The other shops we didn’t go into would always appeal more to us. They would advertise in such a way that if you are not here, you are missing something. And we humans hate missing even on diseases, we hate that.

We don’t like that someone will be happy or sad than us. We hate being the other person; we want to be in the mainstream, there you get respect and power. Right now, you don’t have any other power then screaming that falls on deaf ears.

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All my life, I have been listening to my parents; they tell me I am worth the world or not. Most of the parents do negative motivation, thinking if we compare him with the other children, he might get inspired to do things.

Note it down; there is nothing like negative inspiration, but there is a negative emotion. One moment it will make you do the work, but after the work is complete, there is a hollow feeling because it was not from your heart, you did it to impress others.

Now I look back and think so many things I could have stopped them from, and my life would have been different from now.

Teaching starts from home; what you would become what values and emotion you will have depends on conditioning at your home.

My brother had listened to many comments on his skin, so he made a shell around himself. If anyone crossed the line, he would push him back either with argument or with a fight. They always ask about your marks, job, kids and the game never stops.

In this respect, I like the western world; they make you independent on your 18th birthday now you are on your own. In the east, they invest in you either money or time, or both, they expect returns from you like any pet; they want you to show some skills when any guest comes.

We all have the same experience, they would see these so-called reality shows and tell us to do something about your life. I decided to learn the guitar, and they told me its a waste of time, is that so then stop comparing!

Everyone has got their own talent; we make a massive thing about marks and society.

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We have a very blur view of what success is?

I would say being alive or healthy is a success, and after that food cloths shelter, then everything else comes; it should be evident to everyone.

I see kids from today; they have a messed up life. They don’t know a thing about themselves if it’s not any entertainment or internet, they would not be able to live. We all need approvals from others, but we mess up our life getting them.

But I have decided this would end here only I would not raise my children like this. I would want them to try everything in the would and then settle on, which makes them wake in the night, their true love.

No comparison, no forcing them to believe my beliefs and conditioning. My objective is to plant an idea of liberation in everyone’s mind that once you see something higher, your mind doesn’t want to go back to your old self.

Leave all the things that are holding you back and step up the game.

Things are different now; we didn’t had any power when we are a child, but we do have when we know its all a trap. What you do to get out of the trap you slow down, you see where are the loopholes in their trap and then slowly one by one you start to open the knots.

But it can take time more then you think, or anyone thinks. Spirituality is like opening the knots, and one day it’s open, and you are free from everything that was yours. You are free to think live and die; everything is your choice then. From the outside, you may pretend to be, but inside you know the truth.

By @balancealchemist