I was arrested

Abhimanyu Sharma
3 min readAug 4, 2022


The reason will shock you…

Photo by niu niu on Unsplash

Mumbai, I was on time for the office, and new to the city, I didn’t know so many train rules and were taken seriously or not.

As I reached the platform, I rushed to the first compartment I saw. I never traveled without a ticket. Booking is accessible through the application, and the technology is beneficial in saving time.

It took 10 minutes to reach my destination, and I was happy that I was on time; there was no rush in the compartment.

On reaching, as I was getting down, a police constable asked me to join him in the corner. I was confident and went. I had the ticket; there were already 5 to 10 people there.

My intuition told me something was fishy, but I had no choice. I showed the policeman the ticket, but he refused and told me to come with him. I asked what my mistake was, please enlighten me.

He told me I was traveling in a differently able reserved compartment. Yes, I was shocked to hear this. My reaction was, don’t you have anything else to do?

I told myself, today is done; they will waste my whole day. They could have released us with a warning or taken some fine, but they took all of us to jail.

There were already some 50 more people for the same offense, and I was like, What is the police trying to do? Don’t they have any other serious work today?

We were there for about 3 hours, and no one responded; they filled the paperwork with the name and every detail they could get from us.

I told one madam that I am a student, which may give a wrong impression to my company and college. She told me it was nothing, just the routine paperwork for our record. It will not go anywhere. I was relaxed hearing this.

It was already 1200am. Then police officers brought two buses and took us 40 km away to the judge. Police officers offered us tea and were given treats; I didn’t know for what.

There we were told to keep our mouths shut in front of the judge and accept that we had made a mistake.

The first time I saw the courtroom, it was nothing like what they show you in web series or movies.

Imagine a pin drop silence, all face scared, conscious of body moments not to attract attention, and a judge on a high chair with typists surrounding him.

The inspector went and greeted the judge. He asked what we were there for. He told the crime that we were traveling in the wrong compartment, and his reaction was the same as us.

Judge asked us whether we were guilty or not. We all rhymed in yes, sir. He told us all to pay 200 ₹ and go.

There is always one student who can’t keep his mouth shut. So an uncle went to the judge and told him it was terrible of them to bring all of us here. They should have collected the fine then, and many people ran also.

With a straight face, the judge told him okay and went on to sign some paperwork, and that was the hint that it was all done, just go.

When the problem happens, it comes from all places. That day I had no cash, and they filed us 200 ₹.

I deposited my phone and went to the ATM to bring some cash. I gave fine, and that was my Friday.