It’s an exciting idea I am right now in college, so I can’t give up the list entirely, and I don’t want to.

I have seen in me when I write all the stuff down that would take my attention in the day I am more relaxed and relaying on my system it doesn’t pop up randomly in my mind and if it does, I have a small notebook in my pocket to get it out of my head.

Goals suck, but I feel they do give us the direction of where we want to go. I can work on the project, or I can write randomly about anything writing should have a path not necessary for everyone.

I still have to find a tool to note down my goals, and I am writing them not to check them off and have a sense of sadness after one goal is completed I know they just have to be seen as small landmarks on the destination.

The idea of themes and projects is very much enjoyable. We can work on your novel and write only for that this way. For all the ideas that pop into the head randomly, we can have time dedicated to that.


#Writer #Engineer

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