Living For The Events

Abhimanyu Sharma
5 min readDec 19, 2019


Son: Get married, she told me what if I don’t.
Mother: Yes, sure this new generation of yours think they can survive on their own, but everyone needs emotional support and a partner with whom you share your life.

Mother: Sometimes, it doesn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. We all have to die one day, that doesn’t mean you stop living. At times these thoughts can get over you, as you hear the word responsibility. When you have to think about yourself, it’s okay, but when the other person becomes the priority, something changes in you.

Son: Guruji, do I need to get married and choose misery for myself?

Guru: Sure, you can survive on your own there is no need to get married, but nature has made it, so there must be a meaning in this. You can go to the Himalayas, but there is no point in living a life that is miserable because where you go, you take your mind, it’s with you always. While you are here, see every dimension of life. It’s going to end; the experience and expressions will stay on earth; you can’t take them with you.

Start living and give yourself everything life has to offer when it wants you to be a worry, then worry, and when it wants you to be happy, then don’t resist. Hug life as you would hug your beloved.

Son: Yes, that’s true, but I don’t want to live for the event.

Guru: What do you mean by that?

Son: So I have seen everywhere, even in my own being. That we live for events either its next moment or the future that may never come.

Guru: What’s the problem with that?

Son: Why can’t I live in now and leave all the events?

Guru: Events are essential. They give you a sense of doing. Why have you taken a degree or even passed 10,12? They were all events if you look back.

Only a few of them you remember now only the significant one. The problem is you don’t make whole life an event, every moment, every second.

Guruji: When did you eat last, a few hours back? What did you eat? Maybe you remember but how it tasted did you felt the aroma of food, it became a part of you. You can remember part of it, that was an event too.

Everything is an event. You just pay more attention to social events, because they are evident.

There is an event going on like lightening every microsecond. Events are not the problem, dealing with them like a machine is.

Be aware of every event that takes inside and outside you and deny or accept them consciously with the whole being than every cell of you will enjoy the process.

Son: Can’t we drop all the events?

Guru: Think about the question you are asking to drop the life itself, breathing is also an event can you drop it. Loving is also an event. The feeling is an event you can’t drop everything, then you are just a stone or even less the stone.

Even stone is sitting there enjoying. It’s ice-cold or too hot he’s not resisting what nature has to offer.

You have a mind, and you try to throw everything aside and deny life itself. That will make you more miserable you can try it for yourself.

Guruji: What if I tell you misery is self-invented. We could have lived like a man and woman, but we created and divided the natural basics into as many parts as we could. We created religion divided the lands and made people patriotic so they can die for their land that will never be there.

People saw each other dying, then how could you convince other people to die for their motherland? You honor the martyrs, make memorials have some paths on their name, and more people will be ready.

we need every kind of people to support us save us, teach us and love us you can’t drop them all.

It’s just an example. There are many around us life is itself a misery when you live life with the mind you find logic in everything.

A sane mind bothers about the working of society finds things that nobody else could see.

In the world, there will be people that can’t see the big picture, and you can’t blame them. We aren’t taught to see the big picture; we are prepared to live for the events that are highlights of our life.

Someone had made this belief familiar nowadays when you die whole life goes in a flash. May be some highlights of your life go by that too because we are resisting the death; we are not ready to accept it. We try to hold to nothing and see the misery in the last moments. We should be enjoying death, even then we are in the past, think about it.

Nature has events too. If nature didn’t want us to be involved in its creation, then why would it bother to create seasons and so much of complicated mess that we have yet to explore.

Don’t create a false belief that every event is useless. If it had been like that, nature would have wanted it the other way.

Son — It’s so much to grasp, so should I drop events or accept all of them and live a life of misery?

Guru- Why do you think life is only constrained to misery and joy if there is negative, positive there is neutral also. Life can be balanced. You need a will and effort to understand the dance of leaves, music of forest or in city crows and sparrows, honk, distant chatter, the chatter of the mind. If you think it as noise, then it will always be a noise your whole being will be noise.

Don’t worry, if you fall into old patterns. The conditioning has been deep-rooted; it will take more time then you think.

Guruji: Do you have any option other than keep on breathing and living?

If you anyway have to do it, why not do it not for dragging life towards the finish line and looking back how you resisted playing.

Events give life meaning; don’t close your eyes; open all doors. Who knows what event triggers a chain that leads to your purpose. Don’t get bothered by the dance happening around you learn to enjoy it or be a part of it.

There is one common thing in humans and animals. We all are miserable. The situations and times can be different, but misery is inevitable.

See and understand you will laugh how people create their own misery and go on hallucinating about it.

Some people have lost everything, but they have understood life is not found in sad and happy moments. Life is nature, and nature is everywhere.

By @BalanceAlchemist

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Originally published at on December 19, 2019.