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Make your Creativity Flow

Abhimanyu Sharma
2 min readJun 19, 2020


There are times when I have so many things going on in my bucket, and I want to do all of them.

If you are into Creative process writing or painting, you know you start many projects at once and get very little time to do all of them.

Blogs are waiting for editing; some others are in WordPress draft waiting for me to hit the publish button after a proofread.

There are so many things going on around us the uncertainty of life and things hit us hard, so what’s the best thing you can do for your creativity.
I recently read an article and video form Matt D’Avella he makes some great content out there, so he introduced me to the batching process and checklist.

Previously what I did was I would take one blog and edit it to the starting to the end. Now I have divided into batches, so what I do is I edit 3 blogs at a time to continue the flow of creativity.

In Grammarly, Hemmingway, then WordPress finally publish. But now I make batches of them. I do 3 blogs in each of the sub processes, so I have enough of the content to make my thigs flow.

I have observed if I am ready to edit then one thing may take 10 to 20 minutes then after that I am free and I need to switch tasks.

To avoid that now, I take 3 blogs, and when I sit to edit, I know I will be in the flow after some time, and nothing would distract me. So I can sit quietly and edit much content in one sitting. In it, I can include everything related to my creativity.

Editing, making content for Instagram, and many other things that need attention, I schedule them to one time in my creative time.

Things are much simpler, and I can think of things as batches, not as individual blog posts. That way, in one sitting, I can do work that would have taken me fragments of time drops scattered over the week or sometimes month.

By @BalanceAlchemist