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Productivity Blog #1

Abhimanyu Sharma
2 min readMay 28, 2020


I was in Mumbai for my internship, and the lockdown happened. I found myself in a challenging situation, anyhow. I managed an induction and cooker, starting making rice. When you are surrounded by death, there is certain negativity in the atmosphere I didn’t do anything for April.

I saw it coming to my college mailed us that we have to submit the thesis this month itself. My guide told me that you leave the project that you have been doing in the company and do what you have been dong in the past 3 months in college.

This was one of those moments when I thought I had lost everything, and there is no magic that I can do the analysis of my data and interpret them for my project and write a 60-page thesis with 12 % plagiarism.

I thought it’s not possible, and I procrastinated till the last moment, and I cried a lot. I just wanted to escape the situation.

Sometimes you are stuck up to the head that there is nothing you can do.

That day I cried a lot, and I was clueless about how I can do these things that seem out of my control.

Scrolling through the Medium, I came across one principle, The Parkinson’s Principle. This principle got my attention immediately, and I got into thinking that is seriously happening in my life.

It goes like this “Work expands to fill the time that we allocate to it.”

It hit me like someone showed you the right path, but you always took the wrong one that is comfortable, and you know where it leads you.

I knew the things will never be the same; the deadlines will be different from now on.

I started working on my project made it my first priority stopped the daily writing that hurt me the most, but I knew I would continue from where I left.

I completed the data analysis in just two days what could have taken someone or me two or three months I did it in 2 days.

The first lesson I learned was the deadline shouldn’t be too long or too narrow. The productivity is to find the balance duration and complete it before time but submit it on time.

Say there is a project that is due next month, and you decide to make the deadline for yourself this week. Even if you couldn’t complete the project, you would have done much more than you could have done in the entire month or the day before the submission.

By Abhimanyu Sharma

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