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Abhimanyu Sharma
3 min readJun 10, 2020


How a cross-platform workspace helped me.

When I was starting my writing, I was very thoughtful about why I want to do it. I researched thoroughly and found some apps that are helpful to me. I got the app Scrivener; they said it was the best for writers, and I was not disappointed using it in the trial version for a month. I was convinced that I have got the app that I was looking for, I purchased it. I got everything in it the organization and focus mode, the editor and word processor, and life was going right.

Unless I joined for my internship, and that’s when it hit me hard that I need a more flexible system. If I am not on my master’s system with all the software, I need not worry about my projects and work.

Here is a tip from 2 years of blogging “Create a workflow that you can access from anywhere you just need an internet connection nothing more.”

After that, the quest for software started again. I started looking for alternatives, and I thought of Evernote as an alternative, but it is just a word processor into much, not less. I needed more flexibility to enter my text as well as schedule and plan my work to see my progress.

My quest ended soon when I came across a Notion. It the kind of app everyone should start using as soon anyone thinks of starting a new project or anything apart from their job.

I entered everything I had in my scrivener database, I could only transfer half of it. I skipped the daily writing for November 2019 to March 2020 as its too much to transfer for now. I will transfer all the data later.

But my point is if you are not in the place to reach out to the master system. You are well aware and productive on any system with an internet connection and your web apps.

Before this way, I had to write as soon as I went home after work. Now I can work irrespective of the system I work on. Same I did with my daily writing, I used to write this too on Scrivener. The thing that bothered me was it becomes an extensive database over time. It takes time to open, and at that time, your motivation for the ideas you have in mind can go away and no web app.

So I recently found the app Drafts. It’s very reliable and smooth. I can start working as soon as I plugged in my internet connection on any device.

You have my point if you are into business or anything related to the internet or system, have concrete apps and have alternatives for the emergency. Spend time on your workspace make it flexible it will enhance your productivity.

When you have an idea or stuck at the airport with your business laptop. You shouldn’t crave the master laptop for work; that’s is the point of the applications and systems. They should be portable and can be used anywhere we want them to use.

Now, what’s the difference notion made, it helps me to manage all my projects. I can edit, write where and whenever I get time. I can see what’s due or my ideas; they are all there across the platforms. At times I manage my blog posts, and writing thought the notion app for android has made me free that I need to be reliable to on one system for work.

My master system has all the necessary applications that I need after I have finished writing. I have to compile it in master laptop applications, but that’s is after completion while in the process, the sole purpose should be writing only.

By @BalanceAlchemist