Abhimanyu Sharma
1 min readMar 1, 2020


Seriously most relevant app list 4 of these apps i use in my daily day.

like you said i too when starting the thing make it complicated. when i started using tick tick i had over 10 lists and i would lost in it.

now i have only 3, one for daily routines, one for daily writing and one for birthdays. and i use tags to distinguish tasks.

for the next i use notion recently i got to know about it its a great tool and sure you can lost in its own world i use it to track few things my subscriptions and udemy courses.

i dump all my tasks in ever note then i plan them to tick tick. seein your list i am thinking i can dump them into tick tick inbox and then schedule them as i approach them.

if you have any better idea just let me know.