Slow Down To Speed Up

Abhimanyu Sharma
3 min readMar 22, 2020


Photo by Nareeta Martin on Unsplash

“The problem with patience and discipline is that it requires both of them to develop each of them.”
Thomas M. Sterner

I expose myself to different ideas, and one of the ideas that I find so helpful was from the book The Practicing Mind.

It is indeed a great book with very fine and to the point ideas that can be used in anyone’s life. The author is a piano technician and many other things, so he started slowing down the process of his life.

Whatever he did, he started doing it slowly very slowly that all the things he didn’t notice were there for him to find.

After learning the lesson, I started applying to my life as well. I consciously took the time to do everything that I do. Does anything happen? Yes, it did. I was aware of more things that were going on in my life?

I was aware of my fingers punching the keys on my keyboard as I write. I could see the thoughts coming to me.

It is like everything is there for you to explore. You have to be very slow opposite to what the world says to experience this. I make fewer mistakes now, and the mind is much calmer.

Before, I thought I have to do everything as fast as I could. I would write so many things to do and do a few of them, an important one, but my mind always saw the things that I couldn’t do.

After slowing it down, I don’t schedule many things. I know what it is that I want more than others.

I think we have enough time to do things, and we need to manage the attention where we put our focus too. If the focus on the negative, it will grow bigger and bigger the same for positive.

Slowing down makes you see an extraordinary thing in ordinary situations.
The things we take for granted in our day is a shower, but after this, you can see and feel the water going on from the body you can see it clean and refresh the body.

Many things are going on in our life that we often forget we are here to do work or to enjoy the experience.

We have two options either we can live life fast-paced and not live life at all and worry about everything. Or we can be witnesses to whatever happens in our lives and manage our attention and body well.

After slowing my life down, I have seen the calmness in me. I don’t bother myself much. I know what the things I have to do are.

Speed not only kills humans but enjoyment too, you don’t take time to enjoy and appreciate the things.

We jump from one task to another, and to next, it’s a never-ending cycle. We want to keep ourselves busy, and that doesn’t give us time to reflect and review what we have done. Is the method right, delivering the results we desire, or is there a better method available?

Like now, I have purchased the five-minute journal app from the play store. But previously, what I did was I used to write everything down the night before, and the next day I would write my response.

Now I feel what is the point of technology if you are not using it. So far, I write everything in the application, and when I get time in the morning, sometimes first thing, second or third. But I do write it down, so the habit of reflecting on what I do pay me off.

This way, you can also slow down and see how things are happening with you. Try this out. Maybe this would open the doors that were never there before.

By @BalanceAlchemist