The Taste of Freedom

Abhimanyu Sharma
4 min readJan 6, 2020


Have you tasted the freedom like a bird, a river, a mountain, nature, a flood, a tsunami? They don’t ask for your permission if they can destroy your life. The snowfall, rain, or sunlight they behave in their natural environment without any restriction.

They are at ease with their work. If you say they are non-living things, yes, they are if I take away your mind, you are also a non-living thing.

Living thing means being able to segregate, distinguish, use logic to cut the conversation into pieces. Without it, you are also a non-living thing breathing in and out.

Not using logic is not a restraint; it’s a blessing you can be at ease with everything around you. You will not try to change the original nature of things.

That is the freedom to be able to accept everything as it is and not trying to change the outside.

You don’t have to control your feelings; people say you have to be in control of the mind; can you be in control of nature? No, then you cant be in control of the mind. Its very nature is to explore is to divide things between two logic and no logic.

How can we be free from this?

For us to be free of logic and mind, we have to look inside us, how did this came to us in the first place.

Recognize what you have is a strong belief? That you can’t listen to anything about that opinion of yours, it can be religion or nation.

The very thought of people speaking ill of the nation makes your blood go wild.

For the freedom to come, you have to notice everything that is in your mind. All the good and bad thoughts all the things that the world has given you.

You may have to do the most difficult task of dropping the logic. Seeing everything as they are not judging and not improving it.

You can contribute to make the world a better place, but you can’t force someone to be loving and caring that has to come from within.

Be headless, think of yourself as headless, take all your decisions from the heart, accept whatever the world has there to offer you.

If you are late for work, worrying and denying arguing with yourself will not help in any way. It will further tense your mind to be out of control.

For some days, just be aware of the environment; listen to whatever the world has there to offer you.

See the things and note them when you lost the sense of time; what were those activities, and were they productive? It can be anything like watching youtube videos or listening to music reading doing some work. Note it.

In our lifetime, we live most of our life being anxious. We don’t have any will to do and change it, but we also want to worry about the future and dwell on the past.

With so many new things in or environment, we have fallen to a belief that we can accomplish more by doing less. With so many productivity tips and apps, we continuously keep on checking new things that will boost our productivity.

It’s not a bad thing to search for new things; change is the only constant remember, but the first priority should be action.

There should be no compromise on that part; then, if you think you need to enhance your system, you can guilt-free do it even if it involves money because that’s been put into good use.

We are here to experience life to live a life. We are not here to deduce life into an equation or into a book or into action.

Life should be experienced moment to moment while trying to be aware of each alphabet you type each word that you want to reply to.

Read the message so carefully that you start to notice what thoughts generate on reading certain people’s messages. That will spark your mood as long as you hear the notification.

But don’t stop there; don’t hinge on to that feeling or people keep moving start noticing higher things how your body feels at any moment.

Always start with the body; it will not lie to you. The mind can fake anything in this word, even orgasm, but the body tells the truth. Even in the lie detector, they see the heartbeat and the body moments and reactions to questions.

Go with the body, and when you know the truth of the body, then move on to thoughts.

One-line Summary
Action closes the door of doubt; mindful action opens the door to freedom.

By @ BalanceAlchemist

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Originally published at on January 6, 2020.