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Throw Your Garbage

Abhimanyu Sharma
4 min readSep 21, 2019


If you are like most of the people, You have an obsession with either sex, money, spirituality, food, sleeping, anything. Some have an obsession with cleaning. Others are ignoring the mountain of dirt and clothes lying on the chair.

If you are not obsessed about cleaning and you arrange things once in a while, you are in for a treat. If you are different and you love to keep everything clean. You already know the art. You just have to slip it in everything you do. Like we use the different brush for the cloths and our teeth. The act is the same, only the medium changes.

When you clean your room or wash all the clothes at once. You get a mental orgasm that lasts until the room is again messy. It can last for days or even weeks.
That satisfaction you get from the cleanness no other things can get you. The other group of people can convince you better.

I throw all the garbage I have collected over the week and get them to the place where they belong.

“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.”
Marie Kondo

You haven’t noticed, but people around you do that all the time. They dump everything they have accumulated over the day and week in work, or in personal life.

You being a decent human being collect that garbage in your heart and pass it on to the next person you know.
That’s how you end up in frustration about life, and you don’t even know why.

I would recommend you to throw your garbage more often everything you have experienced is garbage.
That same moment and experience will never happen, and that’s the beauty of life.
Some moments you have lived to the fullest, and some just dragged yourself to the finish line.

Everyone is either in the past regretting or in future planning. How they could have acted differently. Playing the same movie on loop. Don’t they get bore of the same story and star cast?

Some of them postponing their tension-free breaths to the future.

They build their house of life step by step very carefully spent everything they had their resources, energy on that. That becomes the nucleus of their life, and they revolve around it. One day the storm comes, and you are back to where you had started.

Don’t get me wrong that planning for the future is improper. My point is, what if, in your planned future you are not there to enjoy it?

Life is like a leaf falling from a tree, it will eventually hit the ground, and everything will be over. Life will start itself from the beginning.

Don’t confuse planning with postponing your happiness for tomorrow, its right here in NOW.

I would recommend you do anything that works for you just get rid of the garbage you have accumulated in the day.

It’s normal to have those thoughts that keep you awake for hours, haunt you in your sleep. Not doing anything about them is not normal.

I am no exception. What I do is I use my imagination. In my mind, I imagine it to write it down in a piece of paper and then tear it as much as I can and burn the pieces.

From the past one week, I have been doing the meditation after coming from the office. I sit for 10 minutes (you can start whatever is good for you). Remember even one minute will work with willingness, and 1 hour will be less if forced.

Here is my process, you can twist it turn it in whatever way it works for you.

  1. I sit at a spot (that keeps on changing I am experimenting with the places).
  2. I see images of whatever happened in the day good or bad (see all the pictures, collect the highlights).
  3. I tear everything and burn them. It feels the same orgasm as someone with OCD will feel after cleaning an ocean of dirt.

In the beginning, don’t keep any expectations from it. Be in ease with all the rubbish going around you.

Be like a river that flows in spite of a crocodile enjoying his food. Nature is the ease with everything, that’s why it doesn’t bother much.

“We are used to cleaning the outside house, but the most important house to clean is yourself — your own house — which we never do.” Marina Abramo

By @BalanceAlchemist