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Abhimanyu Sharma
3 min readSep 29, 2020


Between the thought and execution, few moments define your next action.


All of the decisions we take in a day are based on one thing, how much can we stretch things we do?

Starting with the waking up, the game of resistance starts and then moves ahead to our day, the resistance takes our energy little by little.

The more tasks you have on your plate, the more often the resistance would pay visit to meet you. Up to the halfway mark of the day, the resistance takes your energy, and you are left with dizziness and lack of focus.

We can use this resistance to our advantage but most of our life it uses us. The thing we feel before taking a cold shower is what resistance is. You will be happy to know the life span of resistance is less than a few seconds.

Once you start or trick your mind, that you will do the task for a few moments only, the resistance dies then and there.

Victory will never be found by taking the path of least resistance.
-Winston Churchill

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The resistance is born by the amount of work or how challenging the work is? The more amount or challenging work you have to do the more the mind will resist doing it. The excuses of mind are very simple and you won’t be able to see any significant difference in them.

Like I will do it tomorrow or in a few moments, I will be done with this work. Any person who has stayed in the hostel knows the power of resistance when your environment also urges you to keep the tasks for the last moment.

On the last day of exams, everyone becomes miraculously productive and learns many chunks of a subject in one go.

The resistance is very difficult to overcome and you can only trick it into the work. You will be able to work for hours if done correctly.

The more reachable the things are the more you can’t resist them if you have many tabs open in your browser its very difficult to focus on one thing.

All the tabs and things in your field of view want to grab your attention and you can do everything in your way to focus on one tab only.

Resistance can be overcome with the right tools and the right mindset but if you expose your self to too many distractions you are ready to dig a hole for your productivity grave.

I trick myself for working and start with the minimum thing and then move deeper on my work.

I start the time and set down to work with a promise if I don’t feel like working I would give it up and will do something else.

But however strange it maybe, most of the time things go as I have expected them to be and get up only when they are completed.

That which offers no resistance, overcomes the hardest substances.

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Beat Resistance

Resistance is not that hard to beat one more thing you can do to tackle your resistance is don’t skip the work allow yourself to minimize the amount to significantly low but don’t skip it.

Like if you are very busy as we all are on some days lower the bar, do only 5 pushups, meditate only for few moments and then continue with your work. Resistance will not bother knocking the door of significantly low quantity work.

A quick recap,

  1. Less your work time.
  2. Don't allow your self to skip more then two days in a row.
  3. Continue the practice.
  4. Recharge more often.
  5. Don’t see screens in your break time.

The intensity of the pain depends on the degree of resistance to the present moment.
-Eckhart Tolle