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Abhimanyu Sharma
3 min readApr 30, 2022


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There are so much distractions in the world. We all would agree that our attention span is very low. We want something to come fast and can’t focus enough anywhere. Can’t listen to the same conversation more than one time same goes for the songs and movies. Social media is part of us not going anywhere anytime soon. We have to be aware and let the things reach us only if they are important and give meaning in life. All the memes pages and influencers pushing us to believe something that benefits them. We have given them power. I have started every day of the week I sit down with my Instagram and delete the pages that I think don’t add any value to my life. It works because now random posts of people don’t trigger any thoughts that I don’t want. It makes me the driver of my life and what goes inside it.


Sharing this idea from the book Effortless by Greg Mckeown. He talks about this problem we all have that we start a task and in the middle, we want to achieve something different out of it. Like, suppose your goal is to publish a blog or make a home. But in the middle after every small task, you keep on changing the goal, I will publish when I will have good 1000 words or, I don’t like how it’s made I want to change the design. Sooner or later we know what would happen, that blog and home will struggle to get completed or may collapse.

Having a clear goal in life and daily work makes it easier. You know where you are going and what you are working for.

Picture of my MacBook


Finally, I got my MacBook Air M1 and I couldn’t be more happier for myself. I never thought I could be writing my blogs in it. I always saw these products online in YouTube videos and thought to myself about when I would have them. It’s finally here and I love it proud of myself for reaching here. Thanks to my wife for always believing and supporting me.

Reading Update

Currently, I am reading Rework and this book is really awesome giving me some real tips on how to deal with the work.


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