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Abhimanyu Sharma
2 min readMay 18, 2022


My weekly summary of ideas from around the internet.

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Why and What are you reading?

There has been an off-and-on relationship with the reading. Sometimes I read a book in a few days, like 13 Reasons Why. This book is undoubtedly a page-turner. Sometimes I struggle to finish even the first chapter of a book, like Start With Why. What could seriously have been a blog post was unnecessarily stretched to a book.

As I am on the reading streak for 7 days, I am thinking of starting to take out the main idea of the books. For the highlights, kindle is doing that for me.

I can write the book's main idea summary, not more than 2 or 3 lines. To remind me what the book's core idea was. So I don't go on reading without retaining it.

Like in Deep Work book by carl Newport, the book's central idea is to have uninterrupted sessions of work doing only one thing.

Ideas that stick with me

Out of sight Out of mind

I heard this quote back in 2017, and it stuck with me like a shadow wherever I went; whatever I did, it was always applicable. If you want to remember something, keep it in sight; likewise, if you want to forget something, put it away.

I am using this concept in my phone addiction nowadays. Most of the time, I keep my phone in odd places where I won't be going once I am in bed or working, like on the kitchen table or above the fridge. Once I start working, it's easy to continue because there is no thought triggered.

From James Clear

“For those who expect everything, there are many curses.

For those who appreciate everything, there are many blessings.”

Books I am reading|listening

Listening — Rework.

Reading — Code of Extraordinary mind + Rework

Quotes that stick with me

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