You can’t plan for everything

Abhimanyu Sharma
1 min readSep 15, 2022


We all have made plans and failed at them. Sometimes we plot each and every detail of our work or event minute to minute schedule.

But do you know what is the thing we humans are most bad at its planning and estimation.

We either underestimate or overestimate things and suffer for our poor planning.

We see these patterns all day you sit to work and the task that could have been done in few minutes takes up hours.

You promise. yourself to watch a web-series or YouTube for half hours but 2 hours pass and you are still not finished.

What is the solution to that?

  • Using technology to your advantage do work in chunks of 30 minutes or anything you are comfortable with.
  • Keep some spare time for the uncertainty.
  • When committing some task add 1 hour extra or one day extra so you have time even if you underestimate.
  • After planning focus in the moment and make changes as the problem comes.